Friday, December 9, 2011

June 2011

School's out for the Summer!!!
I don't think I've ever been so glad to have summer break.  My whole body was thrilled that it wouldn't have to endure long hours of standing and stress for a couple of months.  This also meant that Kory and I would have time to go to movies, the library, the pool, and pretty much do anything we wanted.  Well, the heat changed all those fanciful plans I had.  We stayed in the house most days.  We took a weekly trip to wal-mart or the grocery store to stock up on fruit and goodies.  Triple digit temperatures and pregnancy don't mix well!

Major Home Yard Project
With all my moaning and bellyaching about the heat, my DIY husband decided to give me what I wanted...a pool!  Now if you know Eric, you know that he takes DIY to a whole new level.  What started as a small above-ground-pool-to-be-installed-in-the-ground-done-in-3-weeks project became much more: including LED lights, stairs, a waterfall, and more.  Oh you want to see the finished project?  Well me too.  When it is finally finished I'll take pics and post. :)  When you're constantly changing the design, running a business, going on a vacation, having company, and oh yeah, having a baby, projects like this tend to get put on hold.

Meet Mr. Kibor!
Eric's dad came for a quick visit.  He was in the U.S. for a little business and stopped over here to see us for a couple of days.  This was mine and Kory's first time to meet him.  He enjoyed playing Memory with Kory while here and got the game to take back to Kenya for the kids.  We enjoyed having him here and Eric really enjoyed getting to see him after so long apart.

Can we say slacker???

Oh wow!  I haven't posted since April and so so so much has happened since then!  The next to last post I did was when I was 15 weeks pregnant.  Now my baby is already 12 weeks old.  Surely time is NOT moving this quickly!!!

I have been wanting to find time to blog for a while now.  I'm not even going to pretend to start giving all of the excuses that have come up and kept me from the blog.  I really hope to make more regular posts in order to document our lives that are so rapidly moving along.

In order to "catch up" I'm going to do a few posts with the highlights that happened that month.  Then hopefully after the new year I'll be better at documenting events as they happen.