Thursday, February 7, 2013

A manly stroller...

We have missed so much church the last few weeks because of the flu and nasty colds. I can't wait to be back worshipping with our Creekside family Sunday, Lord willing.

Last Sunday, Kip was a few days into treating his flu with Tamiflu & was feeling a little better. So we headed outside to stave off cabin fever. I got Kip bundled up, even though it wasn't cold, and sent him out with Eric. I headed out front a little later and didn't see them right away. I looked up the street and saw Eric pushing the wheel barrel with Kip loaded inside. It was so cute, I started chuckling right away. I told Eric we have a stroller. He was like this is more fun & it's pretty good exercise too. :)

Oh, and I *finally* got Eric to take the outdoor Christmas lights down...yes, I KNOW it's Feb.  Please don't judge...*sigh*

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