Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just another February day...

Well not was 80 degrees here today. Kip & I have been closed up in this house, other than to go to the doctor or pick Kory up from school, for almost 3 weeks. Today we both were feeling MUCH better, so after we got Kory from school, we headed to the park.

I don't like this park for Kip because there aren't really toddler friendly jungle gyms, but it's the closest to the house & was nice to just get outside!!

Since there wasn't much there for Kip, he mostly ran around looking for Kory or just running after her. "Kory? Kory?". So sweet :)

Kory's words when we got there, not surprisingly, were, "I'm gonna make some new friends!". She wasn't too interested in baby brother slowing her down. She did take a few time outs for him, though.

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