Saturday, September 6, 2014

From 'fro to No (hair that is)...

Well, the kid still does have hair, but it's considerably less than before. 

Giving Kip a haircut is bittersweet for me because it takes him from looking like my baby to a big boy in just a matter of minutes.  Eric knows if it was up to me, we'd go forever before trimming it up. So he always just starts cutting away, while I'm occupied & don't have a clue what he's up to. I'm thankful for that :)

Kip came running into the kitchen while I cleaned up from breakfast & looked like this...

I crack up everytime I look at this pic!

Then he disappeared for a while. When I went to find the guys, this is what I found...

Between a recent growth spurt & this haircut, he looks like such a big kid. I can't believe he'll be 3 in a little over a week!

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