Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Fun

Kory had the opportunity to go to Six Flags with some friends today. She was beyond excited...counting down the days til Saturday excited, woke up too early & couldn't go back to sleep this morning excited. 

She had a blast!!  She rode all the big rides that she met the height requirement except for one...she said that one was just not for her. :)

Eric & I are thankful for friends taking her & being her riding buddies because we are NOT coaster fans. We prefer to feel our stomachs in our stomachs, not in our throat or feet or some other location in or out of our bodies.

With Kory gone & Eric working to meet a big job deadline, that left Kip & I to have a day all to ourselves. That used to be a regular thing, but lately it's rare. He was so sad to know Kory was going to be gone for the day that I promised him we'd do something fun. When he asked "What?" I panicked because I didn't know where to take him!  I figured it out though...

We headed to Chick fil A for a breakfast date & playtime on the playground. 

Then we headed to play on 'the dinosaurs' (after a quick stop in Ulta for momma), but got run out by bees...everywhere. Kip wasn't so concerned with them. He kept saying he didn't see them in an attempt to get to play longer, or maybe just to make me look crazy. But I was not interested in trying to treat bee stings today so I won & we left. 

We went to Half Price Books where Kip spent his birthday money. He got a few goodies. 

Then we searched for a Halloween costume. We stopped into the Halloween store & I was so surprised that Kip loved being in there!  Typically he's a scaredy cat like his momma!!

We ended up at Target & he decided on a Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates costume & a huge sword...I think I'll regret that 😊

I promised him a park & since I didn't know one in the area, we went on a search for one. We found a really neat one similar to the 'castle' park back home.  We didn't stay too long & both decided to go back when sissy is with'll be more fun!

We got Kory back around 7 & headed home. Both kids were in bed & asleep by 8:30...early for our house!!  

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