Saturday, September 6, 2014

New Adventure in Homeschooling

So we're off to a great start with homeschooling!  I have to MAKE Kory take days off. I spent some time earlier this week getting us more organized. I didn't have a chance to get everything set up the way I wanted before she started since she was so eager to begin & insisted on beginning before public schools. I'm kind of glad I didn't organize it before we began because I changed up some things from how I originally wanted to keep track of things now that we know more about how our day & the lessons flow. 

On Thursday morning we packed up & headed to our first time meeting with our Co-op. The kids are each taking 2 classes & then we eat a picnic lunch with everyone before taking Kory to her piano lessons. I help with 2 classes while the kids are in their groups. Kory was soooo excited to get started. Kip was most excited about the & knowing that's when he'll be back with mommy are at the top of his priorities. After a small breakdown in the car, Kip actually did really well with me leaving him in his class & staying with his group without a meltdown when he saw me throughout the morning. 

Kory is taking Geography & PE. Kip's classes are outside play & playtime (inside). 

I help with the 4's & 5's, then older kids (preteens/teens) in a logic class. 

It was such a fun experience for us!  It felt so great to be around people that love learning & education without all the fuss of grades/testing/politics/etc.  Just a bunch of mommas loving on & teaching their kids & other's kids!

While Kory was in piano, Kip got to play with some kittens. I didn't get a very good picture, but he was really sweet with them. 

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  1. This is so cool, Bethany! Way to go, homeschooling. Isn't it funny how we reconsider things once life really happens? I never thought I'd homeschool, but I think it's a serious option for us at this point. We'll see! I still have a few years. :)