Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kip Turns 3!

Today was a day of celebrating our BIRTHDAY boy!  

A few weeks ago Kip came running into our room and told me he wanted to go to 'ChuNk E Cheese' for his birthday.  I laughed at his mistake in pronunciation but really thought...well, he kinda nailed it...eww!  Then that made me think of a story that he didn't know & Kory probably didn't realize/remember. They love to hear stories about the past, so I told Kip that he'd been to Chuck E Cheese when he was in mommy's belly. His expression was confusion & Kory's, too. I went on to tell them that when Kory had her 5th bday party at Chuck E Cheese he was in my belly but only daddy & mommy knew...we'd just found out & hadn't told anyone.  Kip then announced that we were going to go to "Chunk E Cheese" for his birthday & Kory was going to be in mommy's belly this time!  Hahaha!  Kory & I about died laughing. Sorry, buddy, doesn't quite work like that!

So, Eric & I decided we'd surprise him with a trip to Chuck E Cheese on his birthday. Well thankfully the other day, he picked a new place to spend his birthday. At dinner we were talking about animals & the zoo when he said "I want to go to the zoo Tuesay."  I said "Well Tuesday is your birthday."  His response?  You guessed it!  "I want to go to the zoo for my birthday!" 

So this morning we got up & headed to the Ft. Worth Zoo. None of us Kibor 4 had been there, so we were all excited. The weather was perfect & there was hardly anyone else there. We practically had every exhibit to ourselves...it was great!

It was so neat to watch Kip see all the new animals & Kory to make connections from previous knowledge she had. We all had such a fun day celebrating Kip and were exhausted by the time we left.  And we're so thankful we got spend it observing God's creations rather than in "Chunk E Cheese". 

The birthday boy requested Chick fil A on the way home & a Spider-Man Cookie Cake. 

One of the things that was most interesting to us were watching the flamingos sleep this way (in yoga's tree pose!)  We watched them for a good long while...

We got to pet different animals...

A lot of the animals were active and visible today. Kip was excited to see this white tiger, but got scared when it paced behind him. He didn't trust that tiger so he kept his eye on it!

We took in a bird's eye view...

Kip loved all the phones!  Kory loved the stories & sounds you'd hear in them. Kip was just concerned about pretending with them. Every time he'd pick one up he'd say "Kory, pretend I live far away from you."

In the car on our way to the zoo, everyone told what they were most excited about seeing. Kip's answer was the sea turtles. We did see them & he did like them. When Eric spotted this shell, he called Kip over & they went to town 'investigating' it. It's hard to see but Kip is up on the table sprawled out in front of the shell & both of them have their heads practically inside it. 

We hopped on the train to get us back to the other side of the zoo. The kids sang Choo Choo Soul the whole ride. :)

Another favorite was this spot to take a peek under the water. There were otters that kept swimming past this window. 

We love this sweet boy so very, very much and can't remember life before he joined us, making us the Kibor 4!!

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