Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just What the Doctor Ordered...

*I may have put some of this in my last post but can't remember.  Even if I did, I have some new info. to add to it.* 

I've had a lot of pain in my tailbone and hip area with my cyatic nerve hurting a lot.  Some evenings it's just unbearable.  I talked with my doctor about it from my first visit.  At my last visit, he told me to try visiting the chiropractor and getting massages.  If these treatments didn't work, he was going to send me to physical therapy.

This week I visited the chiropractor on Wednesday.  I had visited her in December one week before my wedding when I couldn't move my neck and left shoulder.  Lucky for me, she also has special training in treating pregnant women and children.  So, I didn't have to try to find a new one. 

Anyway, she adjusted me and I immediately began to feel some relief.  When I went in, I couldn't put much weight on my right foot because of my cyatic nerve hurting.  By the time I left I could put weight on both legs.  Wednesday night, Thursday, and Friday I felt a little better than I had before, but still had some pain.  By Saturday morning, I was hurting the same as before.

When I was at my first appointment, I mentioned that the doctor also wanted me to try massage.  The chiropractor told me that they could do trigger point therapy (I think that's what it's called but can't be sure) that is basically a massage.  Since it's not called a massage, insurance will pay for it.  Or in my case, when I pay out of pocket for it, it goes toward my deductible.  Win/Win, right???

Saturday I went in for my 30 minute "massage" and then was adjusted again.  Again, I began to feel immediate relief after she popped me all up.  :)  My chiropractor was explaining to me that some of the problems I'm having, if not treated now and throughout the pregnancy can cause my uterus to twist and limit space for the baby to turn at the end of pregnancy.  Well, we for sure don't want that so I'm so glad I "whined" to my doctor enough and didn't just chalk it up to normal pregnancy pain.  My chiropractor also asked me some questions that determined that my problem actually existed pre-pregnancy.  It's just being agrivated and can have some more serious effects now.

Kory and I ran errands the rest of the day so I was hurting pretty badly by the evening.  But after some tylenol and heat applied, I felt relief again and haven't felt much pain today.  I have to visit the chiropractor weekly until my body gets adjusted to "normal."  Then I'll just experience regular pregnancy pain and discomfort rather than exaggerated. :)

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