Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break 2011 (pt. 1)

Spring break is always a bittersweet time for me.  Trust me, I look forward to it and count down to it just like all teachers and students.  However, the day spring break begins I start wishing for time to sssslllllooooowwwww down because I know all too soon, we'll be back in the swing of all the chaos.  I think we're all this way with any breaks or vacations we get.  I was the same way with my wedding and know that my pregnancy will be the same way.  Time just seems to always move too fast or too slow...never seems to be a happy medium.

Spring Break Highlights:

Friday night and Saturday = LAZYville.  I wasted my time away on resting, surfing the internet, blog stalking, facebooking, etc.  Kory played, colored, drew, and watched some movies/cartoons.  Eric usual (he doesn't get a spring break, or much of a break at all).

Eric, Kory, and I headed to Mesquite to eat at Chipotle...yum!  Normally after church we eat somewhere around our church building or house and then run errands.  We decided that since we were going furniture shopping a little further north, we would eat at a restaurant we've missed since I don't live up that way anymore.  On the way to Chipotle I was out of sorts trying to decide if I wanted to get soft tacos or a burrito bowl.  Let's face it, food has always been important to me, but during my pregnancy, I can't get enough!  I just really couldn't decide what I wanted to eat.  So my husband, being so accommodating and caring, told me I could get both!  So that's what I did...isn't he sweet?  I ate the tacos and got a bowl to-go so I could eat on it for lunch on Monday.  SCORE!

Kory waiting in line

After a nice lunch, we headed over to Ashley Furniture to finally pay for the couch we had picked out last weekend.  We were also going to look at new bedroom furniture.  All week the sales guy had been calling us with the price of the couch going up and down.  We went in expecting to get a certain price.  When he got the paperwork together, the price was more than we went in expecting.  It was only by about $150, but Eric was not happy.  He felt we were getting the run around.  I just wanted the couch. :)  Eric told the guy we were going to look at some other places and we would be back if we didn't find anything.  I knew we wouldn't find anything comparable, but I went along since Eric had the money and the car keys. :)  We went to Rooms to Go and a little furniture that was a joke.  We weren't gone 30 minutes before returning to Ashley!  We purchased the couch and intended on looking around at bedroom furniture.  By that point I was too tired to continue so we headed home.

When we got home, I laid down for a short nap while Eric and Kory did some drawing (Eric) and coloring (Kory) at the kitchen table.

That evening I got to meet up with my friend TH for dinner.  It had been way too long since we'd gotten to chat and this was a first for us without husbands and kids.  It was so great to spend time catching up and just getting to know each other better.  She and her husband have been a blessing to our family since we first met them when we visited Creekside.  As our friendship continues, I know God is preparing us for a lifetime of friendship.

While I was gone, Eric and Kory were supposed to go to a movie.  As they went to leave, Eric realized his truck keys were in my car.  So they couldn't go to the movie.  He had a very disappointed 5 year old on his hands.  He pulled the Wii out and she had fun playing that.  It looked like a good time was had anyway as the living room was a MESS when I got home.

DISCLAIMER: I intended to do a recap of the whole week in this one post.  BUT, not surprising to anyone that knows me, I got a little long winded.  So I'll break the Spring Break Highlights into more than one post.  :)

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