Monday, March 21, 2011

Pregnancy Post - Catch-up

I hope to do weekly or bi-weekly posts from here on out.  I need to do a little catch-up first though.

Honeymoon Baby!!!
Eric and I didn't plan on having a baby right off the bat.  BUT, it happened that way and we're ok with it.  I have to admit, it took me a little longer than it did Eric to be "ok" with it.  I just got overwhelmed with the thought of "WOW, this is BIG!"  I also was a little nervous to get excited until we went to the doctor and found out that everything was ok.

On February 15 we went for our first doctor's appointment.  Eric went with me so we both got to see the sonogram.  As soon as the baby came up on the monitor, the doctor and tech both said, "That's a wiggly baby!"  Uh-oh!!!

Anyway, we saw the baby moving all around, heard the heartbeat (170 bpm) and saw its tiny arm and leg nubs.  We learned that the due date is September 17.  It was tiny but still bigger than what I thought it would look like.  I could actually make out the head from rump.  :)
The week after that appointment, my belly started pooching out.  Before I was pregnant, I really didn't eat very much.  I would eat a reasonable breakfast, peanut butter and crackers for lunch, and then a big meal pretty soon after school.  Well, since I've been pregnant, my appetite increased and if I don't eat when I'm hungry, I feel sick.  So, of course, I have to eat!  I told some girls at school that I would have gotten a "pooch" even if I wasn't pregnant by the way I've been eating. lol!

When I was 12 weeks, we took these pics:

This was the Sunday we "announced" our news to our church family.  Everyone was very excited for us...and some were shocked!  Kory wore her "Big Sis" shirt and it was neat to see some people's reaction, whether it was immediate or a little delayed. :)

12 week sonogram:

(I'll add these later).

Heartbeat was 150 bpm.  The baby kept moving its hand from its mouth and back down.  I could clearly see arms, legs, and feet this week. IT was much calmer this time.  IT even gave us a good wave.  Eric couldn't make it to this appointment but was in awe at the size difference in just 3 weeks.  The sonogram tech said the baby was very cooperative which made momma proud! :) 

This is 14 weeks: 

I had to do a "self-portrait" because Eric had left the house and I wanted to change into some pj's.  So I had to do the mirror shot, which I am NOT very good at.  I kept blocking my face but that's ok, the point is the belly! :)

Here's how I've felt so far:
-at first had a little nausea in mornings but ok once I had breakfast; it was hard to get up in the mornings because no matter how much I slept, I was still tired
-now I don't feel so great in evenings after I take my vitamins; I'm trying to take them closer to bed so I'm asleep when they "kick in"
-pain in hips, tailbone, and sciatic nerves bother me - I had all of this sometimes before pregnancy, but since becoming pregnant it's worse and more consistent; Dr. L wants me to try chiropractor visits and massages then physical therapy if those two things don't work
-restroom visits OFTEN!  I was so surprised that this "symptom" happened so quickly;  I thought it happened when you were bigger but I've been informed that no, it happens early and just gets!
-headaches in evenings - this has mainly been on days that I've worked; I haven't had many over spring break except when I'm on the computer too long  ;)
-TIRED (oh, did I list that already??)...not necessarily sleepy, just that my body feels exhausted and I need to lay down
-dreams - very long and vivid dreams; some nightmares; sometimes the dreams last all night and I don't feel rested in the AM

I think I've had it pretty "easy" compared to how sick some women get.  A few weeks after finding out I was pregnant, I made a concious decision to try to enjoy being pregnant as much as possible.  I was the little girl that always pretended to be a mommy, wife and even pregnant!  I would stuff pillows or balloons up my shirt to look pregnant.  That was always my "dream" as a little girl.  So now that it's happening, I WANT to enjoy as much of it as possible.  I am just so amazed by the miracle happening inside of me.  To read the weekly updates and learn of each developmental milestone that God makes happen is awesome.

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