Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break 2011 (pt. 4)

My friend BC and her little guy J came over for lunch.  We wanted to get together to spend time chatting but I knew if we met at a restaurant, we wouldn't get as much visiting in before little J would want to get down and be on the move.  Since she hadn't ever been out to my house, I thought we could just have lunch here together.  We had chicken salad sandwiches, strawberry and spinach salad, and dump cake for dessert.

She spent several hours here.  We haven't really gotten to spend much time together since last summer.  She and I used to teach together so we were used to seeing each other daily.  That's the biggest thing I missed this school year was getting to visit with her regularly.

J is growing up so much.  He's walking and is everywhere.  He's such a good baby though.  He's so happy and never fussy.  He even didn't feel 100% but still just smiled and interacted so sweetly.  I hope my baby is that way.  :)

Thursday night Eric and I went on a dinner date.  We've only gone on one date that I can remember since we've been married.  It was nice to just be the two of us.  We couldn't decide on anywhere to eat.  This NEVER happens because I usually have tastebuds leaning toward one restaurant or another.  But this night I just didn't have a craving for anything and all the restaurants around us didn't sound good.  Well, actually, I did make a suggestion but Eric wasn't too fond of it.  I wanted Italian...again!  I had Italian on Sunday, Tuesay, and Wednesday, but I wanted it again.  He had been eating the spasagna for 2 days so he wasn't too willing to do Italian.  He also made a suggestion of a restaurant that used to be my favorite.  But I haven't wanted it since we ate it last time.  We ate it for Eric's birthday.  At that point we were beginning to suspect my pregnancy and I ate so much there and then felt so bad afterward that I just can't stand the thought of it right now.

Anyway, Eric had seen a Furr's open up a little ways away.  He said the parking lot was always packed and often a line out the door.  We decided to try it.  Well, it was good but we won't drive that far to go there again.  We both decided that we prefer Ryan's over Furr's.  As we left, Eric said, "Well, that was a first and a last."  Poor guy was let down.  However, we were both so stuffed that we were MISERABLE.  We came home and fell asleep on the couch very quickly.

I laid in bed reading until almost 1:00!  I haven't gotten to do that in a while. 

Eric left his phone here at the house when he left for work.  When he came back at about 10:30 to get it, he brought me a cappucino!  I haven't had one since I found out I was pregnant because I cut back on my caffeine intake.  It was so yummy!  I love it when he does little things like that for me. :)

Once I got up, I tidied the kitchen and finished up the invitiations for CH's baby shower.  I finished making them but still have to write the details in them.  Then get them addressed and send them out.

Then I decided to finally buckle-down and start a blog.  I've been contemplating it for a while.  I'm not good at keeping up with scrapbooking or printing pictures out.  I want a way to keep up with all the memories of our life and a way to keep our families aware of what's going on in our lives.  I didn't have a clue about how to make the page or anything.  So I sat down and started it.  It took me several hours and few trial and errors to get the layout and design set up.  But I like the way it turned out and hope I can keep up with entries.

Eric picked Kory up and brought her home.  She's so excited that she has a loose tooth!  I thought it would just barely be loose, but when I felt of it, it is very wiggly.  I noticed the one next to it is a little bit loose, too!  Looks like she'll probably lose 2 teeth before starting kindergarten!  I think she'll look so cute with a hole in her bottom row of teeth.  I remember how fun it was to lose teeth and get used to putting your tongue through the new space in your mouth.  I'm excited for her to experience that fun childhood privilege!  We'll post pics when she loses them.

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