Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pregnancy - Week 15

I'm into my 2nd trimester and people keep telling me my energy will return.  Well Mr. Energy, just so you know, I'M READY AND WAITING.  I'VE MISSED YOU DEARLY!!!  (In case you can't tell, I haven't had a return of energy yet.)

I'm obsessed with not getting stretch marks!  At first I was using my regular lotion on my belly and applying several times a day.  When my belly starting bursting out so quickly, I thought, this is gonna be trouble.  So stepped it up and bought Palmer's.  That stuff stinks!  I don't know about you, but I don't want to put stinky lotion on after I've just showered.  Plus, it could be my imagination, but I started itching alot when I was using it.  Which at first I thought that was my skin stretching but now I think it was a reaction to the lotion.  My friend I teach with, WC, recommended putting Olive Oil on my skin because it soaks in unlike baby oil that sits ontop of your skin.  Lucky for me, I cook with Olive Oil and have a few bottles of it my pantry (Extra Virgin, Extra Light, etc.).  I had a bottle that was almost empty so I took it to the bathroom and applied it post-shower.  I have used it every day since and haven't experience any itching at all.  It does absorb nicely.  It doesn't smell that great right when you apply but once it's rubbed in, no odor.

How I've felt:
-tired, more like exhausted
-a little less hungry than weeks 5 - 14, but still quite an appetite

What I've craved:
-nothing consistent, but I can't get enough Italian food and ice cream
-I've liked and wanted breakfast foods a lot more than before I was pregnant (especially pancakes and cinnamon/sugar toast)
-This week I really wanted some doughnuts.  My sweet hubby went and got me some this morning before church.  I ate one and put the other on the counter for later with strict instructions for no one to eat it.  Just slightly protective of my food. :)

Any Changes:
-Haven't slept well this week.  Going to bed by 9:00ish and waking up around 3:00.  Then toss and turn and doze until 6:00.

What I'm Wearing:
-Getting dressed is an annoying and stressful time everyday.  I've had to start planning 5-10 minutes extra for this task.  I try-on and take off several times before finding an OK outfit (notice I didn't say cute or great - that's non-existent).
-With the return of warmer weather, I've been able to wear some of my sundresses/summer dresses.  These are so comfortable.  It's how I plan on spending the summer.
-I've bought maternity jeans, black maternity pants, and one shirt.
-Mostly wear loose-fitting shirts and only a few of my pre-pregnancy pants "work" with my belly.
-Bought a "belly band" yesterday and can't wait to try it.  Hoping it will smooth things out a bit so I can wear some of my regular pants.

About the Baby:
-about 4in long and 2 1/2oz; the size of an apple
-air sacs in lungs are beginning to develop; developing taste buds
-can sense light
-legs are now longer than arms

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