Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break 2011 (pt. 2)

I met my friend TH at Chick-fil-A to drop Kory off with her while I went to the doctor.  I didn't tell Kory where we were going or who we were meeting.  We just walked up and saw them.  Kory was STOKED!  She and TH's oldest son, J, have a sweet friendship.  Since they've been out of town a lot lately, the kids haven't seen each other or gotten to play together.  She offered to watch Kory for me during my appointment so they could play together.  After they played at Chick-fil-A, they headed to TH's house and the kids played outside and then inside.  They had several hours of playtime and were worn out by the end.

My appointment went well.  Really nothing new was done.  We listened to Baby K's heartbeat which was around 150 bpm.  That's the same it was last week at my sonogram.  I discussed the pain I'm having in my hip and tailbone area.  I mentioned it at my very first visit, but I'm not getting any relief and it's getting worse.  He told me that good posture would help and gave me some excercises/stretches for pregnancy that might help.  He also told me to try visiting the chiropractor and getting massages, which I haven't set appointments for yet.  If none of that gives me relief, he'll send me to physical therapy.

After my appointment, I ran to Kohl's to get Kory some spring/summer clothes.  She is growing like crazy.  Everytime I go to dress her, something that just fit her is too small, too tight, too short, etc.  Eric and I were in shock because on Monday night she had some pj's on that fit.  On Friday night she had the same pj's on and they were too tight and kept showing her hiney when she'd bend down!  I got her about 4 shorts and shirts outfits and 2 dresses.  I used to keep her closet STOCKED with clothes.  She always had so many new clothes that sometimes she would grow out of them before we took the tags of them.  Everyone always commented on how cute her clothes were and how cute she looked.  Now that she's out of the Toddler section (I have to buy a 6X for her and she just turned 5!), I have a very hard time finding clothes that I like for her.  I still want her to look like a little girl.  So many of the clothes for her size look like teen and adult clothes.  I don't want her looking like she just walked out of a punk rock concert or is ready to go out to a bar.  The sad part is, she's starting to want a little more independence over her clothing.  She's wanting to dress like the older Disney stars, and I don't want her to.  I don't think that they dress badly, it's cute for them.  I just don't want our 5 year old to dress like them...ever yet.  Anyway, I digress.

I also bought me a loose fitting top and some maternity jeans!  I can still button all, well most, of my pants.  But, they're tight and they make me bumpy and the button area bulges out.  The maternity jeans make everything smooth.  The let my belly be round and not bumpy and lumpy.

Then I headed over to Hobby Lobby to look for some baby shower invitations.  TH and I are giving a baby shower for our friend, CH.  Her 3rd baby is due in May.  Her theme is "cowboy" but I didn't see any I liked.  So I gathered materials to make some.  :)

Once I picked Kory up, we headed home and made dinner.  We had hamburgers and pan-fried potatoes.  I tried to make them the way my mom does.  I think they turned out ok.

After dinner and after Kory got into bed, Eric and I watched The Final Rose and After the Rose.  We were so glad Brad chose Emily.  She was my top pick from the first night and one of Eric's top picks!  **I know, that show is trash!  I don't need any lectures from any of you. (Ok, daddy?)  :)

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