Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back to reality...

Kory is home (yay!) and school starts back tomorrow (boo!). Good thing is, she's excited to be going back. Even though I'm not looking forward to early mornings, car line, homework, rushed dinners, early bedtimes, and too little "fun" time, I know it will be good for us to get back into a routine.

This evening, Kip was quite the entertainer. He was jibber jabbering and dancing and laughing. At one point he was climbing up on Eric's legs while holding onto the coffee table then letting go and balancing. I was not a fan of this activity as I foresaw a bloody face being the end result, but we noticed he was counting as he let go. At first he was just saying a few numbers, in the correct order. But then he said, "1,2,4,5,6,8,9,10". We were pretty impressed, and shocked, at how close he was to counting 1-10 correctly. He amazes me EVERY day. I love being that sweet little guy's mommy!!

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  1. Hey Bethany - it is Laura Rypple. So glad you have a blog too! I love blogging about our family and I love that I can add you to my "blogs I love to read". Hope you guys have a great week back to school. ;-)
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