Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rainy Days

Warning: As I typed this post, I became aware that it is very boring. I probably shouldn't post it, but I made a resolution to post something everyday...even if it is junk :). And I would take the time to type a new post but I want to be done and go to bed before Kip wakes up. Don't feel obligated to read any further...I warned you...

As a little girl I remember hating rain. I even vocalized that I wished God would just make it sunny all the time. And as much as I hated rain, I was TERRIFIED of storms and spent them with my ears covered, eyes closed, and curled up next to my mom. In fact, I would squeeze my ears and eyes so tight and so long they would hurt by the time the storm was over. That whole, "thunder can't hurt you" and the scientific explanation behind it, was of no comfort to me.

Well, yesterday and today have been rainy and dreary and I've loved it! I never thought these feelings were possible until I moved to Texas. The first summer I moved here, it rained the week I moved then went what seemed like forever without dropping one millimeter of precipitation from the sky. The joke was that it never rained in Garland because there would be rain shower right by in Plano or Richardson but remain bone dry in Garland. I remember saying to people, "I wish it would rain." Words that my lips had never before uttered.

Then back in October of 2009, I remember it raining, what seemed like, the whole month. I remember this because I had just moved into my house and was commuting almost an hour to and from school in the downpour. My hateful feelings toward rain returned as I navigated through crazy DFW drivers that are even crazier when it rains. Also, the house didn't have gutters so I soon had a moat surrounding the house...very princess like ;). (Side note: we still don't have gutters, so if you ever come to our house, you might need snorkeling gear to make it to our front door.)

ANYWAY, all that to say, I've enjoyed the last two days. Many times now when it rains I feel like there is a cleansing that is happening. I like the way I have to turn the lamps on in the middle of the day in the living room, I like to wear my rain boots, and I like the sound just outside the window.

If you hung in there to the end of this post, you deserve a reward. So, let's talk about some fun rainy day activities...reading, watching movies, organizing closets/drawers, cleaning, taking goofy pics on the iPad like these (I have a ton more of these and as I scrolled through them, it appears the person in our family that likes to play with this app most!! :). Also, I have several other family members' crazy pics I could share, but I don't have their permission so I'll spare them the embarrassment...this time!)...

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