Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tic Tac Toe, Three in a Row...Birthdays that is! January Birthday #1 - Eric

Today's post could really fall into my 'Series of Unfortunate Events' posts (I DON'T mean bc it's Eric's bday!), but I'll spare you the details of more car drama we had this morning that caused us to miss church and made me wonder if we'd get to leave the house at all today, this week, or this month ;) and skip straight to the fun part...

it's Eric's bday!

Eric, growing up in Kenya, doesn't really get worked up or celebrate or even really acknowledge birthdays. As I've grown up I've noticed birthdays mean different things in different families. But for the most part, they are at least acknowledged in most American families. My family always had a small family celebration with a specially requested dinner, a few gifts and maybe your parents came to school to eat lunch with you. Nothing over the top but enough for it to make you feel special on your special day. With MUCH reminding and training, I've finally gotten Eric to acknowledge birthdays and other holidays, i.e. valentine's day, Mother's Day, etc. and usually do something a little special or meaningful for them.

So, the kids and I got Eric a couple of small gifts and wrapped them and Kory made her daddy a very sweet card from all of us and that was it. I figured we'd go to the restaurant of his choice for lunch today and I'd make some cupcakes but yesterday we had some good friends invite us to come to their house for lunch today so we planned to do that. Now, their invite was completely unrelated to Eric's bday and just coincidental, but it turned out to be a nice time of fellowship with some great was had by all!!

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