Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Broken THINGS, but a thankful HEART!

It seems that it's a rule or law of sorts...when one thing breaks, many things break.

Since the freezing of our car and the subsequent hose/parts breaking, it seems I've called Eric everyday while he's working with news of something else breaking or not working correctly. Just from Sunday through today (Tuesday) here's our To Fix list: tire on our "spare car"(yes, the one I'm having to drive while my car is waiting to be repaired), garage door, laundry room light, garbage disposal, and guest bathroom toilet. Eric's probably afraid to answer the phone when he sees it's me!!

Now, other than the car issues, theses aren't costly repairs, thank goodness. And if you know my husband, he'd call them "simple" fixes. So what's the problem?? TIME. Take a guy that runs his own business, is trying to catch up on work missed during Christmas vacation, is putting together a quote for a new job, and is trying to finish up work projects so he can start the new job, there is no time for him to fix such mundane items at home...sigh.

So for now, I turn the hall light on to see in the laundry room, throw food in the trash can, stop the garage door just before it gets all the way down, and we all use the master bathroom toilet...

And I'm THANKFUL that these are merely inconveniences, not life-threatening situations or illnesses that so many are dealing with right now. I'm THANKFUL that my husband desires to provide for his family and has a way of doing that as so many are out of work and can't find jobs. I'm THANKFUL that I get to be at home, with the broken stuff ;), taking care of our kiddos, not missing a minute or milestone. :)

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