Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Know What the Teachers Must Have Thought When They Saw Her!

Have you ever wanted to ask your kids, "who are you??!!" or "where have you been the last __ years as I've been raising you and training you??!!" I'm sure it's a daily occurrence when they hit the teen years.

Like the other day when I picked Kory up and she had something red all down the front of her. As I suspected, it was ketchup from lunch. It was all raised and crusty, as if it hasn't even been wiped. When I asked her if she had used her napkin to wipe it off, she replied, "I didn't think of that." Ugh! Really??!!

Then today when we got home and she took her hood off, I noticed that one of her "poofs" had fallen. This has happened before while she's been at school so I asked her when during the day it had happened. She thought for a minute then proceeded to tell me that when she woke up this morning it was like that. WHAT??? You WENT to school like that??? Now, let me explain how she got by me without me noticing.

Since Kip still doesn't sleep through the night and you never know how much or how long he'll be up during the night, Eric does the morning with Kory - making sure she's up, getting ready on time and drops her off at school. Kip and i usually get up just before they leave to drop her off.

A few months into the school year, Kory was not having time to get ready and to school in time for breakfast. This was a result of Eric oversleeping and Kory piddling. So I set up her alarm and a morning 'To Do' list and she was thrilled to have some independence. Kory doesn't have trouble getting up in the morning, especially for school...she LOVES school!! So this plan has been working out well, except for the couple of times we've forgotten to turn the alarm on (usually Mondays of course!).

On her morning list, when it says "hair" she is supposed to go to Eric and have him FIX her hair. Usually it just requires applying some product for frizz and maybe pulling it back again. I do the most part of fixing it when I wash it, so in the morning it's just "touch up".

Anyway, this morning when I got up, she was already ready to go with her jacket on and her hood on her head. I told her to put her heavier coat on since it had snowed and to wear her penguin Anita had given her. She went into her room, out of my sight, and did just that. When I saw her again as she had her penguin hat AND coat hood on...therefore, I never saw her hair this morning.

She admitted that she just skipped the step of fix hair on her list...UGH!

But another question I have is, how did she get past Eric, who is supervising her morning routine, without him noticing?? ;)

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  1. That made me litterally laugh out loud. Kory...what a character. Glad she is comfortable no matter what her hair is doing that day. Will work out great later in life when she has a "bad hair day".