Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Birthday, Cierra!

Today is my niece, Cierra's birthday!! She was my first January birthday buddy. We used to have our family birthday parties together every memories :)

The night my sister, DeAnne, went into labor is not a fun memory, though. It was about 6 weeks before her due date and her dad was working out of town. It was a Wednesday night and I had been home sick from school that day. Just as DeAnne and another sister Candace were getting ready to take Cassie and Dani (My nieces/Cierra's older sisters) to church, DeAnne's water broke. So Candace took Cassie and Dani to church and my mom and I took DeAnne to the hospital. I was too young to stay home by myself, 4th or 5th grade, and since I'd been sick, I couldn't go to church. I remember being so scared for my sister and for Cierra.

God watched over all involved though and after a scary labor, she was born. I remember her being soooo cute as she grew and had some of the most talked about hair at church!!

Cierra is on a new adventure this year, living out in NM with an uncle of her's on her dad's side. From what I hear she is loving it and I'm sooooo glad!! Maybe one day soon we'll get her here to TX for a visit.

Love you, Cierra and happy birthday.

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