Monday, January 21, 2013

Tic Tac Toe, Three in a Row...Birthdays that is! January Birthday #2 - Kory

Sunday January 20 was Kory's 7th birthday.

Since it was her weekend to go to her mom's, we celebrated her birthday Friday night. She chose to have a sleepover with the girls from her Sunday school class. This was her first sleepover and boy was she excited!!

The night consisted of making pizza, eating cupcakes, making bead jewelry, opening presents, making sand art, *loud* karaoke "singing", eating popcorn, watching movies, *very* little sleeping, and *lots* of playing, playing, playing. The girls seemed to have so much fun and it was really fun watching and listening to them. We're so blessed to have some great Christian friends to raise our kids with!! I know these little ladies are forming lifelong friendships. :)

All the girls were so sweet to Kip, too. They didn't mind and even enjoyed having him tag right along with them. Such sweeties!!

*Since I didn't get permission to share these photos online, I'm going to blur the girls' faces to respect their privacy.

We love you very much and you bring so much joy and pride to our lives!!

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