Thursday, January 24, 2013

An example for the inquiring mind...

People ask me all the time if I ever have a hard time understanding Eric with his accent. For the most part, I find it easy to understand him. But every now and then I have to get him to repeat, repeat, repeat before I catch on. The conversation usually ends in laughter because of what I "thought" he was saying.

Of course, I can never remember an example when people ask me, so I'm going to document this one so I'll remember it.

The other night I was watching Oprah interview Drew Barrymore when Eric walked into the living room:
E: is that Demi Moore?
Me: (sarcastically). Demi Moore? Yeah, Eric, that's Demi Moore.
E: Oh...(taking a better look and knowing it's not Demi)...what is her name?
Me: Drew Barrymore.
E: yeah, that's it. She looked just like any other hokey mom. You know a hokey mom?
Me: a hokey mom??!! No, I don't know what a hokey mom is. (Thinking it's an African saying)
E: you know, like Sarah Palin.
Me: like who?
E: Sarah Palin.
Me: oh! A HOCKEY mom!!

To his credit, he was saying HOCKEY the whole time, but I was hearing HOKEY. I told him it threw me off because we're in the south and use "soccer mom" more than "hockey mom".


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