Thursday, January 17, 2013

Don't forget to shut the door!! Scary parent moment #4,398

Eric was headed off to work this morning when he decided to run in to use the restroom really quickly.

As you enter our house from the garage you pass through the laundry room into a hallway and the bathroom is directly across it.

Kip and I were in the living room. I was looking through grocery sales papers while Kip was trying to destroy them. Eric heard me fussing at Kip, so he thought he was with me...which he was. Until he saw Eric go into the restroom. I saw Eric too and saw Kip run off in that direction. I took the opportunity to quickly glance through the rest of the papers then proceeded to clean them up and get on about my to do's. I figured Kip was in the bathroom with Eric, because let's keep it real, when you have a little one, you ALWAYS have a potty partner. :)

As Eric headed back out, I heard him in the laundry room and called out to him to grab his SPARK I'd made him. Before he could respond, I hear him say, "Kip! What is Kip doing outside?!" I of course run in to find Eric holding him. I'm confused because there are 2 doors between the hall and the garage that stay shut and one of them has a baby proof handle.

Eric had left BOTH doors open as he ran in to use the restroom. As Kip headed to visit him in the bathroom, he noticed the doors open and headed left rather than right. Eric DID close the bathroom door though, so he never even saw Kip over that way.

No big deal, it's just the garage, right?? The garage door was up. At first we were glad he had just stepped into the garage, because that's where Eric saw him. But when I reached for him, his pants were wet and his feet cold and muddy.

That's right, our 16 month old was out in the drive way roaming around without us even knowing he was missing!!

It scares me to death to think what could have happened to him, even in that short amount of time.

Sooooo thankful that God was watching over him, then and always, as we struggle to do our best!!

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